Lucid dreaming: a portal to yourself, or more?

Imagine waking up and looking around. You feel different, quite energetic, and very enthusiastic. You begin to notice that your room looks different. You can’t quite put your finger on it yet, so you get out of bed and look around you and notice your hands. Your hands are wrinkly and look abnormal. You walk to your window, notice the beautiful morning light, and see all kinds of strange clouds in the sky. You look at your hands again and suddenly realize: I’m dreaming!

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The Mystery of ‘Black Triangle’ UFOs

When you research the UFO phenomenon, you will come across many stories that are not verifiable because there is simply no evidence and reliable witnesses. We all know the videos on YouTube that later turn out to be CGI, or stories that turn out to be completely made up. However, there are incidents that skeptical people have a hard time disproving. This includes the Belgian ‘flying triangles’ incident from 1990.

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If time travel were possible, you wouldn’t exist

Sometimes it’s lovely to philosophize, especially about mind-bending topics. Time travel is one such topic. Everyone knows the standard paradoxical issues like the grandfather-son paradox. A more complex complication is called the Butterfly Effect. When you think about this effect, it’s hard to imagine how minor changes could be responsible for the most significant outcomes. And it might be even worse than you thought.

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Uncovering the mystery of Puma Punku

Three thousand miles away in the Republic of Bolivia, there’s a place called Tiwanaku. Here you will find ancient ruins which are amazingly similar to the statues of Easter Island. Tiwanaku is so ancient that it defies modern dating techniques. It is estimated to be over 17,000 years old. Perhaps the oldest city in the world, and somehow someone constructed the sculptures at Tiwanaku in the same style and with the same enigmatic expressions as their distant cousins on Easter Island.

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