Imagine waking up and looking around. You feel different, quite energetic, and very enthusiastic. You begin to notice that your room looks different. You can’t quite put your finger on it yet, so you get out of bed and look around you and notice your hands. Your hands are wrinkly and look abnormal. You walk to your window, notice the beautiful morning light, and see all kinds of strange clouds in the sky. You look at your hands again and suddenly realize: I’m dreaming!

Congratulations. You have a lucid dream. Simply a dream in which you realize that you are dreaming and have access to your consciousness. The enthusiasm of the first time you know you have a lucid dream is enough to wake you up. However, this is the beginning of a beautiful adventure where you can eventually become the master of your own dream world.

The phenomenon of lucid dreaming is as old as humans. You can train it by doing some accessible steps before sleeping and exercising during the day. It won’t be long before you experience your first lucid dream. There are, of course, degrees of consciousness. As you gain experience, your awareness will increase, and eventually, you will have complete control over the dream world. From this point, it gets interesting because you can access all aspects of the human (sub)consciousness. For many advanced dreamers, there comes the point where they wonder if it’s only happening in the brain or if there’s more to it.

Dreams have been associated with the mystical world, the astral plane, or even prophecy since the dawn of mankind. From predictive dreams to contact with deceased loved ones and simply revelations you could not have imagined. For example, Nikola Tesla claimed that he could solve the complex problems he encountered during the day in his dreams. He would literally see the answers in front of him. There are countless other examples that will make you think about the origins of dreams.

Lucid dreaming is a well-documented phenomenon where people encounter the most bizarre situations. Within our dream world, at least some general laws seem to apply. I will name a few: Mirrors are more than a mirror. They act as a mirror of your soul, and when you look in a mirror during a lucid dream, you may be confronted with frightening or bizarre interpretations of your appearance. In addition, a mirror acts as a portal. When you step through a mirror, you are transferred into a random place, ranging from beautiful landscapes to dilapidated houses. You have no idea where you will end up in advance, making it an exciting activity to explore.

There are also less exciting general things in the dream world that you will encounter: your hands are distorted and look wrinkled. Electricity is not working. Lamps can’t turn on, and that also applies to other devices. Your sense of time is entirely distorted. What feels like hours in a lucid dream can be minutes in real life. The other way around is also possible. And there are many more small things everyone in a lucid dream state will encounter.

However, encountering’ dream characters’ might be the most exciting thing about a lucid dream. You can address them and have deep conversations with them. A conversation may be superficial most of the time, but some characters in the dream world can appear surprisingly profound. You can even have philosophical discussions about life, death, and everything in between.

Some of the answers you’ll get are mind-blowing and might solve some difficult questions. The scientific explanation is that all of this comes from within yourself. You’re talking to a version of your subconsciousness that takes the form of a person. But how can this version of yourself possibly access these answers you didn’t have access to during the day? The way they present themselves is genuine. You’ll have no idea you’re talking to yourself; the dream character has compelling and unique traits indistinguishable from a real-life individual. And some dream characters will always be there when you enter the lucid dream stage. They’ll recognize you, and you’ll recognize them, just like an average person would.

So what does this all mean? It’s a meaningful phenomenon that can personally help you grow and discover a lot about yourself. It shows you the power of your mind and might give you a glimpse of another reality beyond our everyday perceptions, which is exciting and a great reason to explore this dream state.

It taught me a lot when searching for answers about myself and life in general. It made me more open-minded about human consciousness and the meaning of reality. It even taught me some philosophical principles, death, my inner demons, and most important: love.

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The Mystery of ‘Black Triangle’ UFOs

When you research the UFO phenomenon, you will come across many stories that are not verifiable because there is simply no evidence and reliable witnesses. We all know the videos on YouTube that later turn out to be CGI, or stories that turn out to be completely made up. However, there are incidents that skeptical people have a hard time disproving. This includes the Belgian ‘flying triangles’ incident from 1990.

The first wave

The first significant wave of sightings of the so-called “flying triangle” occurred in March 1983 in New York State’s Hudson Valley. Witnesses spoke of “flying wings” and V-shaped UFOs. An eyewitness said the aircraft was the size of “the whole sky above us.” In the years since, hundreds of witnesses have also observed the objects.

Yet the events in Belgium in 1990 brought the flying triangle to the world’s attention and led to one of the most well-documented UFO sightings of all time. After a wave of sightings on November 29, 1989, there had been a lot of UFO activity in Belgium, reported by reliable witnesses in sound reports. These included trained observers from the army and the Belgian police force, people who are not so quick to misinterpret an object or phenomenon.

Many sightings involved a large triangular object. The Belgian Air Force then decided to take off a few fighter planes if a particularly interesting sighting should occur. Unfortunately, the pilots made a painful discovery: they were sent to investigate to conclude that it was a laser show. As a result, the military decided to send planes only when the activity was confirmed on the radar.

Radar evidence

And that is exactly what happened on the night of March 30, 1990 and the early morning of the next day. The sightings were concentrated in the Wavre area. It always involved three lights flying in a perfect triangle. Many people saw these lights on the underside of a huge triangular aircraft. The object was detected on the radar screens of two ground stations, one of the Belgian Air Force and one of NATO. Two F16 aircraft were immediately dispatched and kept on standby by the Belgian Air Force. The fighters soon caught the object on radar and used it to track the object. However, the ‘thing’ managed to escape several times and seemed to be able to transition almost instantly from hovering motionless to a speed of more than 1000 km per hour.

The evasive movements indicated that an intelligence was controlling the unidentified craft, but the acceleration displayed would have killed every human occupant. The Belgian Air Force could not explain the events and teamed up with a Belgian UFO investigation team to investigate the matter further.

A senior Air Force officer, Colonel Wilfred de Brouwer, frankly admitted that the UFO was an actual flying object that had entered Belgian airspace without authorization. That was a major breakthrough, given that military and political figures have consistently denied the UFO phenomenon. This taboo was slowly fading thanks to the Disclosure Project and the now famous press conference in 2001. The Belgian colonel has also had his say several times regarding this incident, which would be unthinkable before.

Nighttime sightings

Three years later, the “flying triangle” reappeared in England. Many sightings took place in the early hours of March 31, 1993, and perhaps because of this time, most of the witnesses were police officers and guards from military bases. The descriptions were eerily similar to the Belgian sightings. Many people saw three lights flying in formation; others said the three lights marked the corners of a giant, triangular flying object.

Two messages are particularly noteworthy. The first concerns a sighting from RAF Cosford base in Shropshire. An entire military surveillance patrol saw the UFO fly directly over the base. The air traffic controllers on duty were immediately consulted, but to no avail – there were no aircraft in the area.

Security Threat

The most sensational news came that night from an officer of the RAF metrology service in Shawbury, a few miles from Cosford. After a UFO sighting there, he went outside to see if there was anything to see. To his amazement, he saw a triangular craft that flew toward the base with a soft humming sound. He estimated the colossus to be slightly smaller than a jumbo jet. The object projected a light beam onto the ground and moved back and forth as if looking for something. Then the lights went out, and the object flew almost straight over the base.

The Department of Defense launched an extensive investigation into these sightings in a desperate attempt to find an explanation. The ministry had always claimed that UFOs “didn’t affect defense”, but was now faced with a dilemma. When so many military witnesses reported that unidentified triangular craft flew straight over two key military institutions, it was hard to maintain that these events were immaterial and had no impact on the country’s defenses.

The ministry tried to link the sightings to some more mundane events. Because it was assumed that at least 90% of UFO sightings could be explained by common causes, they made very specific inquiries about the movements of airplanes, airships and weather balloons. They even asked the Royal Observatory in Greenwich if there could be an astronomical explanation, for example, an unusual activity of meteors, but all this led to nothing.

There was a theory that the re-entry of a Russian missile caused the lights in the sky. But while this event could account for a particular group of high-altitude light sightings at 1:10 a.m., the UFO sightings persisted for several hours. Because observations like those in Shawburry could not be explained in this way, the theory had to be abandoned again.

Aircraft Prototypes

Since the 1990s, rumors have circulated that the flying triangles are a prototype of a secret aircraft. It would then be the secret ‘aurora’ aircraft, which would serve as a replacement for the Lockheed SR-71 ‘Blackbird’.

The Belgian Air Force has investigated the possibility that the triangle observed in 1990 was an American F-117 Stealth fighter but was assured that this could not be the case. It was unlikely anyway because secret aircraft are tested in a specific (closed) area and, in any case, do not fly into secured airspace without permission. After all, one would risk a diplomatic incident and risk that the aircraft would be intercepted with all the consequences that entail. For these reasons, the British government rejected that it was a secret American prototype aircraft.

In the meantime, were the real pilots of this aircraft enjoying the confusion they caused now that the authorities could not find an explanation? There is an interesting connection between the incidents in England and Belgium: both waves of sightings took place on March 30, late at night and in the early hours of the next day. If the media picked up these UFO stories, the stories would appear on… April 1. Who would pay much attention to a UFO story on April 1? Is this coincidence an elaborate mystification or a sign of a sense of humor on the part of the intelligence behind the flying object?

While the waves of sightings of the flying triangle are essential, not least because of military witnesses and national security, we should be aware that there are daily reports of sightings of this object, often from pilots. The records of every UFO group around the world contain countless examples of witnesses who have come face to face with this most secretive visitor.


If extraterrestrials exist, how will this affect humanity?

It seems that humanity is primed for the disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial entities. UFOs are probably not terrestrial in origin and appear to be intelligently controlled. The conclusion is quite simple when you write it down: we are not alone in the universe. But that makes it a rather complex situation nonetheless.

But what are the consequences of the existence of these entities? The most important thing is that we know what kind of intelligence we are dealing with. Can we even relate to them? Or is it an abstract form of consciousness from which we are still too far away when it comes to our development?

The origin of these entities is also essential. Is it as simple as in Star Trek where biological entities originated on another planet, evolved technologically, and traveled through space with their advanced spaceships? Or are we dealing with interdimensional entities which seem to transcend the laws of physics known to us and adopt a way of life that we cannot even imagine?

The question is whether we are dealing with a civilization—a unity of intelligent beings living together and striving for a common goal. Perhaps there is no civilization, and we deal with interdimensional intelligences that operate individually without a hierarchical order.

The more abstract the intelligence behind the phenomenon, the easier people can accept it. Suppose we are confronted with a hierarchical civilization that is above us regarding intelligence/development but is also recognizable and approachable. In that case, this will probably lead to resistance and even conflict because that’s how our primal brain usually reacts when confronted with these circumstances.

If we are confronted with an abstract form of intelligence, existing outside our observable reality, to which we cannot relate, we will not experience many social problems. We will see them as a vague esoteric version of something like a (space)whale and not really as a competitor or danger to our civilization and way of life.

Of course, whatever the outcome, it still has far-reaching consequences for our most profound questions. Either way, our scientific approach to reality needs to be overhauled, and philosophically speaking, it’s going to be a challenging time to shape our place within the universe and life itself.


If time travel were possible, you wouldn’t exist

Sometimes it’s lovely to philosophize, especially about mind-bending topics. Time travel is one such topic. Everyone knows the standard paradoxical issues like the grandfather-son paradox. A more complex complication is called the Butterfly Effect. When you think about this effect, it’s hard to imagine how minor changes could be responsible for the most significant outcomes. And it might be even worse than you thought.

So, what about the title of this article? Why wouldn’t you exist if time travel existed? First, it’s essential to clarify what makes you who you are. You would probably think of your environment, the people around you, and how your parents raised you. But if we go back to the core, it all comes down to your father’s ejaculation. Sorry if this makes you feel awkward, but it’s true. It gets even worse, so bear with me. It’s all about timing as well. 

An ejaculation contains up to 300 million sperm cells. So the chance that your unique genetic footprint, which makes you who you are, could flourish was astronomically slight. In addition, millions of sperm cells die and are produced every day, so your window of opportunity was already small in the first place. 

Then there is also the timing of ejaculation, which is a tricky one. It has everything to do with chance and the exact position of a specific sperm cell during ejaculation. Had your father climaxed a few (micro)seconds later? Then there is a good chance that another sperm cell had taken your place. This basically means that you would never have existed. The difference is just as significant as having a brother or sister. Every sperm cell is unique, and the moment of ejaculation means everything to the outcome.

The latter is precisely the point I want to make. What ultimately leads to the exact moment of such ejaculation? There are all kinds of factors throughout the day. When it comes to a few (micro)seconds in timing, any micro-change in your parent’s routine could cause that day’s moment-supreme to happen at a slightly different time. And that means that you as an individual would have never existed. A child would be born, who might look a lot like you, but just like a brother or sister would be utterly different from you.

If one travels through time, trying to be as careful as possible won’t solve this. Even the slightest presence in the flow of reality can change it significantly. That is the Butterfly Effect in action. For example, if I walk down a tree and sneeze, it might scare away a few animals. When the animals flee, some other individuals might come across these animals. That means their flow of reality was already altered. Their thought patterns will slightly change for that day. For example, they might suddenly (unconsciously) think about their childhood pet, which changes their thought pattern significantly. Such a small event might lead to an entirely different day than they would have, causing a subtle chain reaction for countless people because all their interactions with the person will be slightly different than they would be, creating a domino effect.

The result will be that the moment this person has sex will be a bit different, resulting in a different ejaculation pattern. It might be a slight alteration in timing. Still, it will result in the fact that entire generations of individuals would never exist, which ensures that when the time traveler returns to his own time, he ends up in a completely different world where history has turned out differently. Different individuals will make other choices, and there will be a whole new chain of events.

So, that’s why you probably wouldn’t exist if we could somehow travel through time. Luckily for you, many paradoxes can be solved with another theoretical effect: the existence of parallel universes. But this article might already be hard to swallow (yes, I did write that sentence intentionally), so I’ll keep that for another time. The hypothesis about ejaculation is an excellent addition to the Butterfly Effect, though. Let’s call this officially the Time Travel Parents Ejaculation Effect.