Our western society is in a terrible state. The differences between rich and poor are getting bigger every day. Now even the most basic forms of comfort are under threat because of disturbing economic and geopolitical developments, and it’s getting worse by the day. This didn’t happen overnight, though. There are a lot of micro-movements that went on for many decades that eventually lead to the state we’re in now. A dangerous state where war is looming.

Looking through history, it’s no surprise that a potential World War is looming. Previous World Wars were the result of the same ingredients we’re seeing at this moment. Ingredients like economic recession, extreme polarization, and geopolitical shifts that are threatening the current power structures. The difference now is that we can literally destroy the world with nuclear bombs that are so destructive, it’s hard to comprehend. Not only destroying humans but the entire ecosystem of this planet. Might this be the reason alien beings will eventually intervene?

UFOs are real, and their origins are unknown and probably alien in nature. This is the official statement regarding the phenomena from the US government. Whoever controls these craft, means they have access to some pretty advanced technology that is at least hundreds of years ahead of what we currently have at our disposal, as far as we know. There are daily encounters all over the planet, which means there is a massive operation going on. And interestingly, there is a lot of activity going on around our nuclear arsenal.

During the development of the first nuclear bomb (Manhattan Project) in 1945, UFOs were spotted near the plutonium sites used for the now infamous Hiroshima bomb. This is all on record. Even more interesting are the official reports and eyewitness accounts from 1967, where UFOs disabled American nuclear missiles like it was nothing.

So, there appears to be a connection between our nuclear capabilities and UFO activity. But does this mean they will prevent us from using them? Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The US did detonate two nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, leading to hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths. No one intervened back then. After this, there were many tests where we detonated even more powerful nuclear bombs. Of course, many were underground or on a remote island, but again: no one intervened.

Looking at the facts, it appears that our nuclear capabilities are a concern for the ones controlling UFOs. The fact that they disabled nuclear missiles, can be seen as a warning. When shit is hitting the fan, they can and might destroy our missiles. But the use of nuclear weapons doesn’t seem to be a dealbreaker for them when we use them in some (test) capacity.

The last nuclear detonation on this planet (as far as we know) was from the US government and occurred in 1992, in Nevada. Thereafter, the mindset of the public, government, and military changed. Nuclear weapons became a taboo, but were considered necessary to keep around, so we have some power balance in place.

Sadly, the use of nuclear weapons is on the table again. Russia is actively threatening with using them in Ukraine, which might lead to an all-out global war. If both sides use nuclear weapons, we will all lose. This will destroy the entire ecosystem of our planet, turning it into a radioactive wasteland for centuries.

There are many theories, but no one knows for sure why UFOs seem to be monitoring our planet. Whatever the reason, It’s hard to believe an intelligent species that is technologically capable of preventing such a disaster, will let us destroy the planet. Maybe they consider these tensions the ultimate test of our development. Will we destroy ourselves through nuclear war? Or will we come to our senses and manage to peacefully end the current situation without intervention? We might find out, rather sooner than later.

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2027: Disclosure, Aliens and the Aztec Prophecy

Fast forward to the year 2027, a year that has become a focal point in discussions among former intelligence operatives, journalists, political figures, and private enterprise leaders. This year has been intricately linked with a methodical, controlled release of information pertaining to UFOs and extraterrestrial existence. There’s a palpable sense of anticipation surrounding 2027, yet the specifics remain shrouded in mystery. What exactly is anticipated to transpire remains an intriguing question.

Disclosure: Why Now?

First things first, let’s talk about disclosure. It’s finally happening, albeit slower than many of us would like. But why now? Why not a decade ago, or a decade from now? The answer, it seems, lies not in a sudden change of heart from ‘them’, but rather some external pressure that’s nudging this process along.

And no, it’s not pressure from journalists or politicians. It’s something much bigger, much more concerning. Something that’s compelling ‘them’ to start spinning a narrative to help us handle what’s coming. And that ‘something’ seems to be linked to the year 2027.

The Aztec Connection

Now, you might be thinking, “2027? That’s a pretty random year”. But here’s the kicker: it’s not. In fact, it’s far from random. If we delve into the annals of history, it appears that the Aztecs, an ancient civilization known for their advanced calendar system, pinpointed 2027 as a significant year.

According to the Aztec Calendar Round, 2027 is when the cycle restarts. This is different from the Maya Long Count, which was incorrectly associated with the doomsday prophecy of 2012. The Aztecs, on the other hand, did not have a tradition of the Long Count, only the Calendar Round.

Adding to the intrigue is the Aztec Five Suns prophecy, which states that the Sun has been remade four times, and we are awaiting the fifth and final Sun. This prophecy is Aztec in origin, not Maya, and it coincides with the Aztec calendar that restarts in 2027.

2027: The Start of a New Era?

So, what does this all mean? Is 2027 the end of the world as we know it and the start of a new era? Well, probably not, considering the Calendar Round repeats every 52 years. But what if there’s more to it? What if the events of 2027 are somehow linked to the UFO phenomena?

Could the disclosure of information about extraterrestrial life be tied to the Aztec prophecy and calendar? Is this why ‘they’ are preparing us for something big in 2027? These are questions that we don’t have definitive answers to, but they’re worth pondering.

After all, the universe is a vast, mysterious place, filled with wonders that we are only beginning to understand. And who knows? Maybe 2027 will be the year we finally unlock some of those mysteries.

So, as we inch closer to this enigmatic year, let’s keep our minds open, our curiosity piqued, and our eyes to the skies. Because in the realm of the unknown, anything is possible.


The Alien connection within our origin story

There is an excellent chance that modern-day UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin. UFOs and stories about alien beings are as old as humankind itself. Even The Old Testament seems inspired by ancient mythical texts about an alien species that created the human race. Looking back through history at all different cultures, belief systems, literature and even art, you’ll notice lots of hints at the origin of these beings and how they feel about humans.

There are a lot of loose ends and incomplete stories looking at all these ancient cultures since the beginning of writing. But there is a common theme within virtually all of them. They all seem to point to a catastrophic event around 13,000 years ago.

Almost every culture talks about some ‘gods-initiated’ flood nearly destroying humankind. The most famous one is of course the story in The Old Testament about Noah’s ark. But even The Zulu culture talks about a great flood around 13,000 years ago. They believe that around this time our Moon was created by alien beings, which cleared up the sky and changed our climate. However, this also led to a cataclysmic event, which they described as a giant flood and endless rain. They believe the Moon is hollow and artificially created to control Earth and humans. Fun fact: this isn’t that far-fetched, looking at the scientific data.

Researching all the stories from all these cultures, it seems like someone interfered and kick-started the human race as we know it. The missing link where we almost instantly went from hairy ape-like primates to naked intelligent beings can be solved by the ancient alien hypothesis. The Sumerian culture, one of the oldest known advanced civilizations, talked plenty about our origins and wrote it down on their clay tablets. They believed the human race was created by extraterrestrial beings they called the Annunaki.

After hundreds of thousands of years of tweaking their creation, the Anunnaki finally created the perfect Humanoid, which they called the Adama. As referenced later in the Book of Genesis (which is based on the Sumerian texts), Adam and Eve were the first main bloodline of modern humans.

The Annunaki are described as a very relatable hierarchical species, and it seemed like humans even resembled how they looked. Their goal was that the Adama would be smart enough to work and obey. Also, they made sure we wouldn’t inherit their long lifespan. But it didn’t quite work out. Their Adama became rebellious and even had romantic relationships with the Annunaki, which led to offspring called the Nephilim.

Because of human affairs, the internal polarization became so enormous that the Annunaki came into conflict with each other, which led to war. There was a faction that believed that humans should thrive on their own, and there was a faction that felt they should terminate us. Eventually, this conflict led to The Great Flood around 13,000 years ago.

Some believe the flood happened because of a nuclear war between these factions, or maybe they initiated something by using the Moon (if we take the Zulu scripture seriously). Whatever the cause: The result was a great flood meant to wipe us out. Luckily for us, the other faction saved a small percentage of us.

After the flood, they tried to rebuild human society by helping us with language, writing, agriculture, astronomy, and architecture. It’s believed that the Sumerian culture directly resulted from all this knowledge, which is what they thought so themselves. But all good things come to an end. Somewhere along the way, the Annunaki left Earth. Maybe they were confident enough about our progress, or perhaps they gave up. Whatever the reason, it seems they left us alone, at least for the most part.

So the questions are obvious: Where did they go, and what are they up to? Some believe they never left entirely. If they were capable of creating us to help them, it’s not that far-fetched to assume they’ve created another species to do their dirty work. Who knows what advancements they made? Some believe the famous gray-aliens with big heads and big black eyes are just another worker race created by them to monitor us in their absence.

Most believe they kept monitoring our progress and became very concerned about our nuclear capabilities. That’s why there’s been a massive uptake in UFO and alien encounters since the 50s, especially around military bases where nuclear weapons are stored.

So where are they stationed if they’re still around? There are some places on Earth you can easily hide, even from our most advanced measurement tools. For example, it seems something is going on below our oceans, since the navy reports many advanced UAPs going in and out. We all know about the now famous tic-tac video from the navy that shows something intelligent is operating these advanced crafts.

But let’s not forget they’re not bound to Earth. Our Moon for example seems like a great place to hide. It’s known that the astronauts that went to the Moon had some strange UFO encounters around the craters that they were forbidden to discuss.

Looking at all the UFO encounters, there seems to be an enormous operation going on to say the least. People are reporting UFO encounters daily around the globe. Not only common people, but there are also lots of reports from military personnel and people within other government agencies. It’s real, it’s enormous, and it seems that if they try to hide from us, it’s becoming more difficult. Let’s hope the ongoing disclosure will give us some clarity on what exactly is going on and if the story of the Annunaki is accurate.


The Mystery of ‘Black Triangle’ UFOs

When you research the UFO phenomenon, you will come across many stories that are not verifiable because there is simply no evidence and reliable witnesses. We all know the videos on YouTube that later turn out to be CGI, or stories that turn out to be completely made up. However, there are incidents that skeptical people have a hard time disproving. This includes the Belgian ‘flying triangles’ incident from 1990.

The first wave

The first significant wave of sightings of the so-called “flying triangle” occurred in March 1983 in New York State’s Hudson Valley. Witnesses spoke of “flying wings” and V-shaped UFOs. An eyewitness said the aircraft was the size of “the whole sky above us.” In the years since, hundreds of witnesses have also observed the objects.

Yet the events in Belgium in 1990 brought the flying triangle to the world’s attention and led to one of the most well-documented UFO sightings of all time. After a wave of sightings on November 29, 1989, there had been a lot of UFO activity in Belgium, reported by reliable witnesses in sound reports. These included trained observers from the army and the Belgian police force, people who are not so quick to misinterpret an object or phenomenon.

Many sightings involved a large triangular object. The Belgian Air Force then decided to take off a few fighter planes if a particularly interesting sighting should occur. Unfortunately, the pilots made a painful discovery: they were sent to investigate to conclude that it was a laser show. As a result, the military decided to send planes only when the activity was confirmed on the radar.

Radar evidence

And that is exactly what happened on the night of March 30, 1990 and the early morning of the next day. The sightings were concentrated in the Wavre area. It always involved three lights flying in a perfect triangle. Many people saw these lights on the underside of a huge triangular aircraft. The object was detected on the radar screens of two ground stations, one of the Belgian Air Force and one of NATO. Two F16 aircraft were immediately dispatched and kept on standby by the Belgian Air Force. The fighters soon caught the object on radar and used it to track the object. However, the ‘thing’ managed to escape several times and seemed to be able to transition almost instantly from hovering motionless to a speed of more than 1000 km per hour.

The evasive movements indicated that an intelligence was controlling the unidentified craft, but the acceleration displayed would have killed every human occupant. The Belgian Air Force could not explain the events and teamed up with a Belgian UFO investigation team to investigate the matter further.

A senior Air Force officer, Colonel Wilfred de Brouwer, frankly admitted that the UFO was an actual flying object that had entered Belgian airspace without authorization. That was a major breakthrough, given that military and political figures have consistently denied the UFO phenomenon. This taboo was slowly fading thanks to the Disclosure Project and the now famous press conference in 2001. The Belgian colonel has also had his say several times regarding this incident, which would be unthinkable before.

Nighttime sightings

Three years later, the “flying triangle” reappeared in England. Many sightings took place in the early hours of March 31, 1993, and perhaps because of this time, most of the witnesses were police officers and guards from military bases. The descriptions were eerily similar to the Belgian sightings. Many people saw three lights flying in formation; others said the three lights marked the corners of a giant, triangular flying object.

Two messages are particularly noteworthy. The first concerns a sighting from RAF Cosford base in Shropshire. An entire military surveillance patrol saw the UFO fly directly over the base. The air traffic controllers on duty were immediately consulted, but to no avail – there were no aircraft in the area.

Security Threat

The most sensational news came that night from an officer of the RAF metrology service in Shawbury, a few miles from Cosford. After a UFO sighting there, he went outside to see if there was anything to see. To his amazement, he saw a triangular craft that flew toward the base with a soft humming sound. He estimated the colossus to be slightly smaller than a jumbo jet. The object projected a light beam onto the ground and moved back and forth as if looking for something. Then the lights went out, and the object flew almost straight over the base.

The Department of Defense launched an extensive investigation into these sightings in a desperate attempt to find an explanation. The ministry had always claimed that UFOs “didn’t affect defense”, but was now faced with a dilemma. When so many military witnesses reported that unidentified triangular craft flew straight over two key military institutions, it was hard to maintain that these events were immaterial and had no impact on the country’s defenses.

The ministry tried to link the sightings to some more mundane events. Because it was assumed that at least 90% of UFO sightings could be explained by common causes, they made very specific inquiries about the movements of airplanes, airships and weather balloons. They even asked the Royal Observatory in Greenwich if there could be an astronomical explanation, for example, an unusual activity of meteors, but all this led to nothing.

There was a theory that the re-entry of a Russian missile caused the lights in the sky. But while this event could account for a particular group of high-altitude light sightings at 1:10 a.m., the UFO sightings persisted for several hours. Because observations like those in Shawburry could not be explained in this way, the theory had to be abandoned again.

Aircraft Prototypes

Since the 1990s, rumors have circulated that the flying triangles are a prototype of a secret aircraft. It would then be the secret ‘aurora’ aircraft, which would serve as a replacement for the Lockheed SR-71 ‘Blackbird’.

The Belgian Air Force has investigated the possibility that the triangle observed in 1990 was an American F-117 Stealth fighter but was assured that this could not be the case. It was unlikely anyway because secret aircraft are tested in a specific (closed) area and, in any case, do not fly into secured airspace without permission. After all, one would risk a diplomatic incident and risk that the aircraft would be intercepted with all the consequences that entail. For these reasons, the British government rejected that it was a secret American prototype aircraft.

In the meantime, were the real pilots of this aircraft enjoying the confusion they caused now that the authorities could not find an explanation? There is an interesting connection between the incidents in England and Belgium: both waves of sightings took place on March 30, late at night and in the early hours of the next day. If the media picked up these UFO stories, the stories would appear on… April 1. Who would pay much attention to a UFO story on April 1? Is this coincidence an elaborate mystification or a sign of a sense of humor on the part of the intelligence behind the flying object?

While the waves of sightings of the flying triangle are essential, not least because of military witnesses and national security, we should be aware that there are daily reports of sightings of this object, often from pilots. The records of every UFO group around the world contain countless examples of witnesses who have come face to face with this most secretive visitor.